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I, Mohd Syeed, am honored to share my journey on this certificate webpage—a testament to my unwavering dedication to continuous learning. Across diverse courses, from refining teaching skills to exploring digital art, each certificate signifies a personal milestone in my pursuit of intellectual enrichment. With a cumulative score of 93.25%, these certificates are not merely commendations but symbols of my commitment to a lifelong educational expedition.

In a conceptual sense, each course contributes to a broader understanding and fosters cultural cosmopolitanism, shaping my evolving worldview. Beyond numerical scores, these certificates embody my enduring dedication to lifelong learning, appreciating profound wisdom from varied educational experiences. As I present these achievements, it’s not just a showcase of personal success; it’s an invitation for others to contemplate the broader perspective of a cosmopolitan vision of learning. Life, seen through the lens of continual education, becomes a rich tapestry of experiences, with each course serving as a thread weaving into the intricate design of my expanding knowledge. Let these certificates stand as an affirmation of my commitment to wisdom and a celebration of the transformative power inherent in perpetual learning.


Saylor Academy

San Francisco, California, U.S.





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Coursera certifies MOHD SYEED TEELI for completing "English for Career Development." The course was successfully accomplished on January 10, 2019, in 40 hours, achieving an outstanding grade of 95.79%. Coursera has verified MOHD SYEED TEELI's account, confirming his successful completion of the course.


certifies MOHD SYEED TEELI for completing "Self-Publishing on Kindle. The course was completed on January 15, 2023, in a 1 hour, achieving an 87.50% grade. Coursera verifies MOHD SYEED TEELI's successful course completion.

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Study Section

In recognition of exceptional proficiency, StudySection proudly awards Mohd Syeed the Certification in English Vocabulary (Foundation). Test ID: 577555, Test Date: August 7, 2022, Result: Pass, Global Rank: 3657, Skill Level: Excellent.

Study Section

Mohd Syeed is certified by StudySection in English Grammar (Foundation) with Test ID 483899, dated January 20, 2022. Result: Pass, Global Rank: 20065, Skill Level: Intermediate.

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