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21 Jan 2020 12:20 pm

Kashmiri Artist Mohd Syeed Claims World Record in Artistic Cartography – Brushstrokes of Cosmopolitan Brilliance!

Meet Mohd Syeed Teeli, a Kashmiri Artist, a World Record holder for his Surreal and imaginative representative cartography drawings and paintings. He calls it Cosmo-mapping.

On World Art Day 2021, we bring you an exclusive interview with Mohd Syeed Teeli, a man of creativity. The artists speak through their art, and he is one of those young artists with a gifted Talent.

Syeed Teeli, a 29-year-old man, can amaze you with his extortionary practicals, Theories and ideologies Including, philosophies. Let us celebrate World Art Day 2021 with the artist Syeed Teeli. It computes that Syeed teeli has produced about 3000+ artworks that contain 2000 paintings and drawings, 500 prints and engravings, 490 digital paintings and ten book illustrations.

“I describe myself as a Cosmopolitan Artist. My Cosmo-mapping practice depicts the existential interconnection of biological identity and Socio-political uniformity. A genre I followed was classical opposition with a pinch of surrealism and contemporary practice, and I found Cosmo-mapping or Cosmo-draw. In a political context, I am addressing Human-rights and environmental issues in my mapping style art practice. Through Civil-political terms, I draw the directions of global Anti-civilian political shams and governmental terrorism to witness my works for the cosmopolitan purpose. That is: to bring socio-political change and connect the humans as a duty of the planetary citizen for man-kind, equality and equity. Syeed Said”

For Syeed’s unique and aesthetic artworks, He recorded the Guinness art World record in 2021 for his incredible passion for paintings to create the Empire State of Cosmopolitan political world.