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Cosmopolitan Artist

Hello! I’m Syeed.

I describe myself as a
cosmopolitan artist.

In the canvas of life, I paint with the colors of creativity, weaving a tapestry of art, activism, and global citizenship. Each stroke signifies a commitment to one home, one family and one citizenship, transcending boundaries and inspiring a world painted with peace and unity.

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Teeli at Kashmir University's 20th Convocation, October 11, 2023. Proud recipient of the Gold Medal for Graduation completed in 2018.
Mohd Syeed On 11 Oct 2023 at Kashmir University
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WTA: World Through Art, a global citizens' independent organization and membership-based cooperation, was established on October 27, 2019, by Mohd Syeed at Shantiniketan while pursuing a Master of Fine Arts. Throughout my journey, I have consistently endeavored to establish a cosmopolitan governance based on the principle of one home, one family. However, due to a lack of financial support, I am patiently awaiting the opportune time. I am channeling all my energy towards progressing in that direction.
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  • Langages: PHP, HTML, CSS, JS
  • Platform: JNV/NVS & WordPress
  • Country: The Earth
  • Live URL: www.worldthroughart.com

Website for a school Bringing a joy of Creativity

I'm Mohd Syeed, an art teacher at Art JNV Anantnag. Beyond the classroom, I actively contribute to website creation, design, and maintenance for the Art Department. My dedication is reflected in the dynamic WordPress website I've crafted, connecting students, parents, and art enthusiasts. I infuse a global perspective into teaching, inspiring creativity. I've also published over 40 articles, created 19 videos, and shared hundreds of photos and artworks. Explore art with me at www.artjnvanantnag.wordpress.com
  • Platform: NVS/JNV
  • Type: Website
  • Langages/Softwares PHP, HTML, CSS, JS/Wordpress and Elementor
  • Country: The Earth
  • 1. Author and Designer : 2. Live URL: 1. Mohd Syeed 2. www.artjnvanantnag.wordpress.com

Teaching Theory and Practical

As the art teacher at JNV, I am excited to lead an educational initiative aimed at transforming our school's walls into captivating murals. This project is designed to integrate the principles of psychological intelligence theories, strategically applied to unlock and cultivate the distinct artistic potential within each student. Through a meticulous blend of individualized guidance and collaborative learning experiences, the project transcends traditional art instruction. It serves as a platform to expose students to diverse artistic expressions, fostering creativity and critical thinking. By fostering a dynamic educational environment, this initiative not only imparts artistic skills but also instills a deeper understanding of the potential that lies within each student. Join me on this educational journey, where art becomes a vehicle for personal and intellectual growth.
  • Type: Website
  • Langages: PHP, HTML, CSS, JS
  • Platform: WordPress
  • Country: USA
  • Live URL: www.example.com

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I artistically advocate for a unified cosmo government: One Home, One Family, One Citizenship

In the artistry of life, I, Mohd Syeed, explore a distinctive style—cosmomapping. With every stroke, I envision a world of one home, one family, one law, and one citizenship. Through my canvas of creativity, activism, and global dedication, I paint a masterpiece that transcends borders, fostering a universe filled with peace and unity. Join me in this vibrant journey of cosmopolitan artistry! 🌍🎨 #CosmoCreator #Inspiration #GlobalHarmony





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Cosmo Bag

Vida COSMO BAD COSMO BAG SYEED TEELI | VIDA ARTIST | EDUCATION | 2022 | This gorgeous all-over printed tote bag features sturdy, weather-resistant fabric

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17 Sep 2022 - Present

About JNV's/NVS

JNVs, a brainchild of Rajiv Gandhi, are central schools providing quality education with a focus on social justice. With 661 operational institutions, excluding Tamil Nadu, JNVs aim to empower talented students from rural backgrounds. Fully residential and CBSE-affiliated, these schools offer free education for the initial three years, with nominal fees thereafter. As of 2022, JNVs boast top CBSE rankings, attaining pass percentages of 99.71% and 98.93% in 10th and 12th grades.



14 AUG 2021 TO 31 OCT 2021

About JNV Baramulla

Established in 1986, JNV Shahkote, Baramulla, spans 20.25 acres with modern and historic infrastructure. Nestled on the Srinagar-URI National Highway, it offers scenic views, 35 km from Baramulla's district headquarters. With cultural significance dating back to 2306 BC, Baramulla, a gateway to the Valley, welcomes a rich history of diverse communities living in harmony.


World Through Art WTA

Dec 2023 - Present

The WTA-World through art is a global citizen's independent organization and membership-based cooperation founded in 2019. Currently made up of 100s of Members, the WTA and its work are guided: by the purposes and principles contained in its founding Charter. But one thing has stayed the same: it remains the Cosmos where our home is located: in the Virgo Supercluster of galaxies known as planet Earth, where all the citizens can gather together, discuss common problems, Live and love each other, become the voice of each other and belonging to the same human and existential chain. that benefit all of humanity. WTA is looking forward to a peaceful world by helping each other join hands together to bring a better future for global citizens or cosmopolitans.


April 2024- Present


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