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"Lifelong Learner Soars to New Heights: Awarded Fourth Certificate of Merit in Cosmopolitan Artistic Journey"

We decided to hear something from Syeed about his education and work. Thankfully he obliged.

Dear Syeed, will you please tell us about your academic education: from where you learned to draw or paint such artworks?

Syeed: “I have completed BVAP-Bachelors in visual arts painting from the University of Kashmir, Srinagar. And then a diploma in Global governance from the International business management institute. Currently, I am studying for a master’s in fine arts painting from Kala Bhavana Visva Bharati university Shantiniketan and a master’s in political science Through Ignou Kolkatta. I have completed more than 30 e-certificate courses [ both credit-based and non-credit based –From different institutes. And one of the courses which I enjoyed and experienced beautifully is English for career development by the University of Pennsylvania [coursera].
My father is a government servant of the Irrigation and flood control department. I have two younger brothers and three sisters, and they are studying different streams in different institutions.

Currently, I am a fresher and a day scholar of Kala Bhavana Visva Bharati. I can say it is a surprise for my family and community. As far as I know, I am the first professional painter in my district Kulgam. I am satisfied with my subject and ambition where I am flying. I decided and started running. I developed most of the skills with hands-on experience: on commercial works, especially house paint.
Today, The works I am displaying here are paintings. It is all about myself, sensational values, feelings, emotional ethics of universalism, and abstract relation with Rasas/or sentiments of life.

The material I am using is maximumly Acyrliucs, pens, oils, pasters Etc.
The painting is Tiled: SELF-REFLECTION is a mixed media on canvas I,e Acrylics, Fevicol, varnished, glue, and digital printer inks.
The previous experience of woodcut printing inspired me, especially the textures and carving effects of wood in the process of transformation.
I painted those textures on canvas to balance the visual work overall.
It was an academic experience with Mr. Showkat Kathjoo. My guide While I was pursuing a bachelor’s from Kashmir university.

Currently, my works are countering politics, particularly on political terrorism, injustice, uniform-y terrorism, and other Socio-political issues from different communities.
Do You see? There are two fishes at the bottom of the painting: represents my zodiac sign Pisces including the irregular terminator I e the reds and greys balance the foreground and creates the dimensions in the portrait of self-reflection. The psychological and astrological elements set the new representation of emotions that humans face in day-to-day life.
The white mouth-like waterfall pattern is a symbolic representation of freedom of speech and my doubt. As you are aware of the Kashmir issue, the Kashmiri citizens are forced and pressured by the Indian army (in actuality, Uniform-y terrorists for Kashmiris), and the Indian government is in favor to abduct, imprisoning, and torturing Kashmiris. They also indirectly ban the scholars, writers, and artists so that they can hide the governmental shams and can rule illegally.
The confusion and tensions they are carving in Kashmir are to cripple the economy of Kashmir and erase the ethnicity of Kashmir.
But I believe all the educated Indians are responding to the brutal political policies of the Indian government.
My work reflects the Indian political in-humanism in symbolic visions.
It is a reason that I symbolize a victim myself in painting because I am a Kashmiri citizen currently.
However, I have political identity issues currently, researching and trying to break the frames of identity modified by political scientists and constitutions.

I have a right to expose in-humanistic organizations like RSS, BJP, and ULFA in India.
The criminal activities they are labeling and interlinking with claimed nationalism are a fraud and rape to the secular constitutional structure.
They have raped and murdered Muslims and Christians. Their particular targets are monotheists.

As a citizen of Kashmir, They can never achieve Kashmir because the truth always wins and liars always lose. Talent and intelligence are like grass in Kashmir, and it grows naturally. The day will come when we would defeat the enemies in all ways and perspectives. The time will witness.
In an Artistic Context, Every citizen of Kashmir wants to express his emotions and situations. But, the Indian media, Government IT cells, and Hindu Extremists are creating: these boundaries and frames for Kashmiri people. Especially the Kashmiri artists, activists, separatists, and publishers are prisoned both physically and psychologically.
A human can not stop emotions: but a faulty, robotic, and abnormal can do it anytime, and that is all. It is no more democratic and secular state. The governmental and RSS Polytheistic terrorism have crossed the limits. The conscious citizens and democratic nationalists are in jails, and it only remained the state of fools.”

Thanks, Syeed. It was a superb experience with you. Your criticism is valid, and your ideas are wise.
I wish you all the best for this Civil approach and rebellion artistic fight against Governmental terrorism.

Source: Art Avita 2018 | https://www.artavita.com/artists/21659-mohd-syeed-teeli