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"Lifelong Learner Soars to New Heights: Awarded Fourth Certificate of Merit in Cosmopolitan Artistic Journey"

I would first like to express my sincerest gratitude to the former principal: Mrs Sahiqa Mohi, of the IMFA: Institute of Music and fine arts Kashmir University, the former H.O.D: Mr Shafi Chaman, the current H.O.D: Mr Vinay Khajuria, and my departmental teachers, Mr Rakesh Kumar and Mr Showkat Kathjoo without whose constant support and guidance, I would not have been able to complete the program.

I also appreciate the encouragement I occasionally received from my indirect teachers, Mr Nowshaad Gayoor and Mr Iftikhar Jaffar.

I would also express my gratitude to Mr Surpal Salathia, Mr Nowshaad Gayoor, Mr Jamsheed Malik and Mr Rakesh Kumar for their emotional and personal support in guiding me along the path of academic success.

I completed the professional program:  BVAP at Kashmir University in 2018 and received a grade of 87.66%. I collected my degree certificate today, December 26, 2022, at IMFA.

I assume it’s an honour to have studied at IMFA KU. I gained a lot from my teacher’s superior abilities as a learner and researcher. They were kind and patient with me, and I appreciate the time they took to go through the multiple topics covered in the course.

I appreciate Kashmir University’s Music and Fine Arts Institute for allowing access to this comprehensive platform for students interested in studying, understanding, and conducting research in the professional field of Fine-arts. The teachers I mentioned above were glorious at teaching me during difficult and perplexing times, and I am incredibly grateful to them.

I want to express my admiration for my father: Mr Mohd Yousuf Teeli powerfully: for supporting me and building me up to the fullest extent possible. 

I’m grateful for the affection and support of my younger siblings as well. I wholeheartedly thank my family for their financial assistance and support during my academic endeavours. I also appreciate the affection and support of my friends: Mr Hilal Ahmad Khan, Mr Sheraz Ahmad Teeli, Mr Inder Salim, Mr Khursheed Mushtaq Ali and Mrs Sumaya.

 I see myself as a sharp-witted learner and earned two master’s degrees with first divisions and three diplomas, and a bachelor’s degree with distinctions additionally 200+ certifications courses for credit and non-credit from various national, international, and regional institutes.

By dint of the teacher’s recommendations and prayers of elders and you all, I rose to this position. Thank you all, Love you all.

Blog post: https://syeed919.blogspot.com/2022/12/today-december-26-2022-i-officially.html