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Recent Activities

Quiz NameParticipated onCertificate
1. Quiz on New Criminal Laws28/03/2024 10:56am
2. Quiz on International Day of Persons with Disabilities10/12/2023 06:54pm
3. Heritage Quiz06/11/2023 08:36pm
4. International Day of Sign Languages Quiz29/10/2023 09:01pm


Quiz NameScore(%)PointsParticipated onCertificate
1. Know About EPFO – QuizNA200016/12/2023 03:19pm
2. Quiz on Indian ConstitutionNA200010/12/2023 06:55pm
3. Swaraj Quiz : Episode 70NA200010/12/2023 06:53pm
4. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar QuizNA200010/12/2023 06:52pm
5. Sardar Unity Trinity Quiz – Samriddh Bharat (English)NA200007/12/2023 07:22pm
6. Swaraj Quiz : Episode 66NA200012/11/2023 08:06pm
7. Cyber Security Awareness Month 2023 QuizNA200006/11/2023 08:35pm
8. Hack-Proof Digital Nagrik Quiz80200005/11/2023 04:39pm
9. Naturopathy Wisdom QuizNA200005/11/2023 04:34pm
10. Adoption Awareness Quiz ContestNA200005/11/2023 04:33pm
11. Swaraj Quiz : Episode 65NA200005/11/2023 04:30pm
12. Sardar Unity Trinity Quiz – Samarth Bharat (English)NA200003/11/2023 06:10pm
13. Swaraj Quiz : Episode 64NA200029/10/2023 09:06pm
14. PM Vishwakarma QuizNA200029/10/2023 09:06pm
15. Quiz TitleQuiz on Shoonya – Zero Pollution Mobility Campaign in IndiaNA200029/10/2023 09:05pm
16. Khadi Mahotsav Quiz ContestNA200029/10/2023 09:02pm
17. Quiz on Life Style for EnvironmentNA200029/10/2023 07:49pm
18. Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen Phase-II QuizNA200029/10/2023 07:47pm
19. Quiz on India – the Mother of DemocracyNA200010/12/2022 06:53pm
20. Online Quiz for Stay Safe Online CampaignNA200018/11/2022 04:53pm
21. Quiz on PM Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana (English)NA200004/05/2022 10:09am
22. Quiz on Poverty Free Villages with Enhanced Livelihood and Self -Sufficient InfrastructureNA200004/05/2022 10:05am
23. Dekho Apna Desh Webinar Quiz : Jyotirlingam Temples of Maharashtra80100019/01/2022 10:03pm
24. Dekho Apna Desh Webinar : Rajasthan and it’s Forts and Palaces – Part 2NA100019/01/2022 10:02pm
25. Dekho Apna Desh Webinar : Nalanda-the ancient Seat of learning QuizNA100019/01/2022 10:02pm
26. Dekho Apna Desh Webinar : Sikhism-Religion, Sites and destinations QuizNA100019/01/2022 10:00pm
27. Water Quiz 2.0NA100019/01/2022 09:59pm
28. The Ocean Scenario QuizNA100019/01/2022 09:56pm
29. Quiz on Apna Desh, Apne HathiyarNA100019/01/2022 09:52pm
30. Dekho Apna Desh Webinar :TAJ MAHAL-marvel in architecture QuizNA100017/01/2022 05:00pm
31. Quiz on Natural FarmingNA100017/01/2022 04:58pm
32. Surya Namskar QuizNA100017/01/2022 04:55pm
33. Bharat Ki Jal dharoharNA100017/01/2022 12:10am
34. Saksham QuizNA100017/01/2022 12:09am
35. UMANG QuizNA100003/12/2021 08:53pm
36. Road Safety Quiz – Motor Vehicles Regulation ActNA100003/12/2021 08:51pm
37. Online Quiz on Competition LawNA100003/12/2021 08:45pm
38. Dekho Apna Desh quiz80100017/05/2021 09:14pm
39. Stories from London of Orient- Calcutta60100017/05/2021 09:11pm
40. Be a ‘Friend’ of TRIBES INDIA70100017/05/2021 09:09pm
41. Quiz on One Nation One Ration Card PlanNA100017/05/2021 09:06pm
42. International Day of Yoga 2021 Quiz60100017/05/2021 09:02pm
43. Wild India: Exploring India’s wildlife and Natural Heritage80100017/05/2021 08:59pm
44. Lakshadweep Quiz 2020NA100020/06/2020 09:38pm
45. Quiz on Anti-Drug AbuseNA100016/06/2020 04:49am
46. Daman and Diu Quiz 202065100011/06/2020 09:57am
47. Puducherry Quiz 2020NA100011/06/2020 09:51am
48. The Ayush Sanjivani QuizNA100029/05/2020 08:02pm
49. Dadra and Nagar Haveli Quiz 2020NA100016/05/2020 09:23pm
50. Sikkim Quiz 202065100011/05/2020 07:23pm
51. Delhi Quiz 202070100011/05/2020 06:12pm
52. Quiz on COVID-19NA100011/05/2020 06:01pm
53. Odisha Quiz 2020NA100010/04/2020 08:23am
54. Quiz on Padma Awards 2020NA100009/04/2020 01:42am