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One Home One Family One Citizenship


The flag representing world citizens hoisted in Brazil: Cosmopolitan Artist

In March 2022, I committed to perform a virtual world tour and host a world citizen flag in every regional center and its sub-centers envisioned by WTA and WCG. Garry Davis founded WCG on September 4, 1953, in Ellsworth, Maine, and I, Syeed Teeli, founded WTA on October 27, 2019, at Visva Bharti Shantiniketan while pursuing a master of fine arts.

These combined Images F and F1: are the sixth images of my virtualized globe journey. Photograph F is from SteppesTravel and the scene in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I waved a flag on a mountaintop while wearing a multi-color Bengali style Kurta, and the other image: F1, is shot from Mar Hotel Conventions Brazil. The purpose of the presentation of the assembled images is artistic engagement, advocacy, and support for the world government. 

The primary message is to decode the sectional nationalistic constitutions and join under a single flag of world citizens to end nationalistic conflicts and achieve world peace which is every planetary resident’s business.
The World Citizen Government is founded: on three fundamental concepts or World Laws: One Spirit, One World, and One Humankind. WTA is based: on the four Cosmo law principles: One Home, One Family, One Law, and One Citizenship. The WTA only accepts the WCG framework. Therefore, it will never welcome some other governments or organizations.

My primary goal is to promote and advocate for a world citizen government that is a political representation of all world citizens and humanity. The goal is to establish a worldwide political service institution dedicated to creating and preserving world peace.

Article 21(3) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights sanctioned the legal expression of individual will as the basis of government.
“The will of the people must be the foundation of government authority,” it says. As a cosmopolitan artist, I engage with cosmopolitan doctrines and promote the four and three WCG & WTA principles mentioned above.
When we apply the citizenship concepts of Jus Soli: the right of the planet earth, and Jus Sanguinis (the right of the blood) to humanity, we observe that all human beings are born on the globe to human parents. It means that legally and in reality, we are all world citizens by birth.

I already wrote on www.worldthroughart.com that when we trace our existence from biological, zoological, and philosophical perspectives: we all human beings belong to a single community. We are only here for a short time. “Every soul will taste death.” To rectify the ideologies and distortions founded on sectional patriotism of nation-state systems and include components of political power and inequality, we must first identify them.
Then we will be capable of accepting the oneness and connectivity of the communities on our entire globe as the first step toward acquiring world citizenship. You do not renounce any other allegiance when you declare yourself a world citizen. You only pledge your support for Earth and humanity.
The concept of world citizenship denotes the capability of the individual to influence how society is organized and governed on a global scale.
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I’ll discuss why it’s indispensable to identify as world citizens or cosmopolites: in the 7th image. Further, I will light up on what is world passport.

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