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"Lifelong Learner Soars to New Heights: Awarded Fourth Certificate of Merit in Cosmopolitan Artistic Journey"

The UN analytically DN Divided nations entirely failed to dismantle the political violations of dominance, discrimination, and hatred against Muslims. The OIC exists that is the “collective voice of the Muslim world.” According to the OIC domain, it established: upon a decision of the historical summit: that took place in Rabat, the Kingdom of Morocco on 12th Rajab 1389 Hijra (25 September 1969) following the criminal arson of Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem. Today it possesses 57 membership states spread over four continents. It was established based on the defense and collectiveness of the mono voice and protecting the rights of the Muslim world in the spirit of promoting humanitarian peace and harmony globally as a human first and foremost human existential duty. But, Muslims are watching that the OIC leaders failed to transform terrorism into peace and establish collective power.

 In 1970 first-ever meeting of  ICFM was interpreted: on the narratives of Islamic collaborative actions and Islamic governance strategies and cooperation placed in Jeddah through a different perspective that became a written content on the Oic world nothing else. Dr. Yousef Ahmed Al-Othaimeen is the 11th political Secretary-General who assumed office in November 2016 and is unknown to the Muslim world because of his subordination. It decided to establish a permanent secretariat in Jeddah and start processing and transforming violence into peace with Islamic Multidiversitic governance that fundamentally is based: on the natural and Monotheistic universalism in Adam-ist and Abrahamic perspectives.  Over the last 40 years, the membership has grown from its founding members of 30 to 57 states: but it entirely failed to show the results of the Muslim collective voice.

Twitter and web claims don’t defend Muslims from any angle. The situations Muslims are witnessing became entertainment for web people. It also generates more crimes against Muslims. Global Viewership and a day-to-day crime against Muslims analysis that anti-Islamic detectives and haters are everywhere they are close to your hearts and unaware of that.  You are Divided, coded with hypocrisy, and there is a lack of education in the 21st Muslim world that organizes unimportant extremism and confuses the non-Muslim world. It also contrasts with Monotheistic liberals and the educational industries to balance with the collective voice of Muslims. These are the key reasons: Muslims are targeted everywhere on different excuses as Hijab, Namaz, Fasting, Including property.

The maximum number of Muslim countries are expanding the land and citizenship to non-Muslims, and In Non-Muslim countries, it is crippling towards Muslims. However, both sides are carving walls of hate, terror, and separatism in the name of nationalism. That helps to shape individualistic and community separatism. Analytically It hides the realism of universalism or cosmopolitanism: in the light of cosmo governance.

However, OIC is a Mono honor that global Muslims believe that organization will unite “Ummah” and establish the collective power into a singular body and defend the ummah’s rights globally from any injustice with any Muslim. I was analyzing: the OIC strategies and policies that are not advanced yet to defend the Muslim world or Muslims Additionally, Incorrect teachings and non-Quranic Theological elements and information have taken place in our hearts, homes, societies, and that also became part of the Islamic divisional politics. But still, we are opposing and sharing incorrect teaching in Islamic institutions through different perspectives that raise more individualism culture Instead of the Islamic idea of collectiveness, duty, and unity.

The OIC’s objective was to safeguard the values of Islam and the Muslims. The organization attempted multiple steps to remove misperceptions and has strongly advocated the elimination of discrimination against Muslims in all forms and manifestations. But it failed to apply the strategical and critical applications to decode the elements and anti-Islamic agendas all the time. Thousands Tagged it Failure organization. Billions believe it remains a fourth-class political game among few.    The Failure OIC actively represents the billions of Muslims of the world. The organization claims to have cooperative relations with the Divided nation (DN) and other inter-governmental organizations. The cooperation will protect the fundamental interests of the Muslims. It will also work: for the transformation of conflicts, disputes, and terrorism into peace, human rights, and freedom.

The OICs organizational base-ism is amended multiple times with new programs and policies to rectify the idea and practice of OIC in the 21st century with symbolic liberty. The new program and priorities of the OIC contain multiple areas and transformative dynamics of peace transformation and peacebuilding. There are also specialized organs under the banner of the OIC as the Islamic Development Bank, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations, subsidiary and affiliate organs that entirely failed to boost cooperation in various fields among the OIC member states. Today 95% of Muslims don’t believe in the organization and its promised collaboration. Web platforms are witnessing: the reactions of the people towards OIC. The Islamic world failed to defend ummah and universal human rights. OIC has been thrown out: from the game of nationalistic or sectional governmental-ism and intergovernmental-ism due to a lack of real engagement and solutions for Muslim countries in crisis. The Islamic political scientists and theologians also failed to unite the people and run the organization that would be inspiring and beneficial.

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