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Sayalor Academy 18 aug 2022

Accomplished ESL005: business-proficient, English as a second language: Saylor Academy

Today I completed ESL005: business-proficient, English as a second language. I started from the Elementary level: ESL001, then Intermediate Level ESL002, ESL003: upper intermediate, and ESLOO4:advanced level. Finally, I completed ESL005. It was a wonderful experience with the Saylor academy. I spent 58 hours reaching from Elementary to Business proficiency level and 0.1 hours: Learning at Saylor Academy. 

 ESL005: The course develops a business writing style in Standard American English and is designed for learners like me to advance and upgrade their English language skills. I learned a lot from time to time through this academy. Specifically, how to use Miscellaneous phrases, punctuation, differentiation of formal and informal writing, Pyramid structure, Journalistic polish, and dozens of new American words. 

 I am thankful to the Saylor Academy, a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington, DC. I wholeheartedly thank the whole team of the Saylor Academy, who compiles the courses and controls its virtual domain. The academy’s focus is the free education initiative globally. It has created 241 courses as per google sources. It is inspiring: to those who attempt or dream about educational, philanthropic, and humanistic platforms for people and is highly obliging to learners. 

It is a free learning platform to mature information and develop skills. It has courses in different subjects such as Art history, Global Justice, Computer science, Biology, Sociology, Etc.  

I recommend this platform to my friends and others: who are passionate about learning and self-development. It is one of the free virtual platforms to access hundreds of courses accordingly. It gives freedom of time (Self-placed), and its certificates don’t expire. 

At last, a salute to Michael J. Saylor, founder of the academy. Thank you so much, Saylor Academy. 

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