20O TC, Noonmai Anantnag 192232


One Home One Family One Citizenship

united nations India , JAN 2023

"Lifelong Learner Soars to New Heights: Awarded Fourth Certificate of Merit in Cosmopolitan Artistic Journey"

Let me hoist the flag of World Citizens in every provisional regional center envisioned by the WTA Cosmo Government.
Let me program image B with Guru Garry Davis (Selfie Style) and start hoisting the cosmo flag or world citizens flag from the ideated and committed headquarters and on all the regional centers of the WTA Cosmo Government.
Earth is our Home: We are a Family.
In terms of Visual Culture, I will do an artistic virtual world tour to hoist the cosmopolite flag in every corner of the globe as a cosmopolitan duty: to bring awareness among people for the real existential, biological, and socio-political identity.

This minimalistic selfie with Garry Davis, We are hoisting the flag of world citizens in front of the united nations (Analytically, DN: divided nations) represents the failure of Armed governmental-ism and intergovernmental-ism, opposing the nation-state system that is: sectional, discriminative, and framed.
Let’s break the national boundaries and access the first step of political freedom.