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Understanding Islam 42 Brougham Hartlepool , Nasir Mosque UK

Acknowledgment: Successfully Completed the Islamic Couse. Qualified with Distinction:92%.

I begin by expressing my heartfelt gratitude to the course compiler and my guide Mr. Tahir Selby, for his constant guidance and hold up that I could not have completed this stage two course properly.
On 14 June 2020, I completed Stage one today: 3o July 2022, I concluded stage two of the Islamic course.
I consider myself privileged to have been his student. I benefited enormously from his excellence as a learner and researcher. I am very grateful to him for being very patient and friendly and for the time he spent discussing the various subjects of this course. I hope to continue studying and doing research on stage three with him.
I thank the Islamic organization U.K (Nasir Mosque, 42 Brougham Terrace, Hartlepool U.K ) for providing this virtual platform for people who want to learn and understand Islam.
I am immensely thankful to my external teachers, who taught me occasionally at critical and confusing stages.

I thank my father in garnest now: Mr. Mohd Yousuf standing as a pillar for me to construct me strongly and maximally every father is doing that for their children.
I also appreciate my younger brothers: Aadil Hussain and Basit Hussain, for their love and appreciation. I heartedly acknowledge my family for their economic support and encouragement during my academic studies.
I also thank my friends: Mr. Hilal Ahmad Khan and Mr. Mohd Younis Laway, for their love and support. I consider myself: a blessed learner for completing multiple degrees qualified with first divisions and distinctions and hundreds of certificates courses credit and non-credit from different national, international and regional institutes. By dint of the teacher’s recommendations and prayers of elders and you people, I rose to this position.
Thanks to all. Love you all.